Senior sunrise?

An annual tradition takes an unexpected twist


Brooke McKelvey

Waiting patiently for the 6:37 a.m. sunrise Tuesday morning, seniors lay out their blankets and meet up with their friends.

Opposed to the usual last minute scramble that occurs when a morning alarm goes off, Tuesday morning was a different story. Seniors made sure to set their alarms an hour earlier in order to uphold one of the many senior traditions: Senior Sunrise.

“It was fun to get together with everyone,” Magoo Alfrey, senior, said.

With the recent fires, however, the smoke prevented a clear view of the sunrise. Once it got light out, most were a little disappointed to realize that it was already over.

“It was a little disappointing you couldn’t see [the sunrise] due to the smoke,” Alfrey said.

Even though the sunrise is what brought everyone to the field, seniors soon moved on and looked at the bright side of the gathering. One upside to waking up early was that ASB bought doughnuts for everyone and it was a great chance to run into familiar faces.

“The point of it was to do stuff with friends, not really to see the sunrise,” Megan Talbert, senior, said.

Senior year is the last chance to get involved and be around those who have been in the same school system for the past decade. College is an exciting thought, but it is also just as intimidating and many want to make the most of their senior year before the time comes to move on.

“Everyone tells me senior year is some of the best times of their lives because of the memories they make,” Alfrey said. “I’m looking forward to having those times with the people around me and have those stories to tell.”