You can make a difference


Welcoming students inside the school: avibrant sign advertising the canned food drive.

You may have noticed boxes in your classrooms with signs advertising this year’s canned food drive, seen brightly colored posters around school, or heard it talked about in your fourth period class.

Fourth period classes are competing against one another to collect the most canned foods, however, the real goal is to collect a school-wide total of 100 food items.

The food drive is being run by ASB members Cormac Duffy, junior, Hunter Shepersky, sophomore, and Aubree Schrandt, senior.

“My role is to keep it [the food drive] flowing well [and] make sure all the cans are collected and counted,” said Duffy.

Students until Nov. 16 to donate canned food to the box in their fourth period class. But what becomes of their donations after that date?

“Our donations go to the Elk in Oregon City,” says Duffy.