Students demo robots for Hour of Code

The robotics team demonstrated their new robots after competing in the FIRST tech challenge.

Students also advertised for a new robotics club. Robotics member Parker Carlson, junior explained “What we are doing is we’re starting this new club for these bigger, more advanced robots. We need a lot of people to come join us, and it’s gonna be a lot of fun. We’re advertising. We have some of our robots from last year, and we’re letting people drive them around. They can experience the fun, and learn that robotics is available to everyone.”

Members of the robotics class have worked to program their robots to pick up and move blocks. Robotics is “a lot different from the other classes you might take. It’s what a bunch of teachers aspire to have in their classroom, where everything comes from the students.” Adam Steinhilber, junior said.

Students can join robotics team 7034, ‘To Be Determined’. They meet Thursdays at lunch.