Kate Brown, Knute Buehler to face off in Governor race

Few surprises in Oregon primary election

Kate Brown, Knute Buehler to face off in Governor race

Tuesday, May 15, saw Oregon voters nominate their candidates for Governor, Representative, and the state House and Senate races.

Democratic gubernatorial Primary

Governor Kate Brown took an easy victory over the other Democratic candidates, earning 82.6 percent of votes, as reported by the Oregonian. Candace Neville and Ed Jones were her opponents.

Republican gubernatorial Primary

Another unsurprising victory was moderate Republican candidate Knute Buehler receiving 47 percent of votes, with Sam Carpenter taking second with 30 percent of votes, and Greg Wooldridge in third with 18 percent of votes.

Independent gubernatorial Primary

Representing the centrist, economically populist Independent Party will be Patrick Starnes, who took 56 percent of the vote.

Democratic primary, House District 5

Incumbent candidate Kurt Schrader triumphed convincingly over little known opponent Peter Wright. Schrader, a moderate Democrat, has represented the district since 2008. He won 87 percent of the vote.  

Republican primary, House District 5

Mark Callahan will challenge Schrader, after he beat out Joey Nations and Robert Reynolds.  

State Representative Primaries

Julie Parrish, the Republican state representative who has served since 2011, will be challenged by Rachel Prusak. Neither was challenged in their primary.

State Senate Primaries

Rob Wagner, incumbent Democrat, will face Republican David Poulson. Neither faced a contested primary.