A Collection Of Back To School Poetry


Mask Up Lions! -original digital artwork by Kaelin Kehm

A collection of four original poems written by author, Kaelin Kehm, to celebrate the beginning of the school year and the things we missed at West Linn during the COVID-19 pandemic. Welcome back lions!!





Mask, Paper, Crinkle 


Mask, paper, crinkle

Walking down the hallway-

It is loud and unclear
Seeing eyes you have not 

Seen in so long and feeling

Hot air from mask-

Like steam in steam room

Across your face. 


Mask, paper, crinkle

The sounds so happy

Feels like I am in a collage

Of color-
Have not seen this many

People in so long;
Write my heart down on paper-

Tossing the paper around the hall

To connect people together.

One heart, one soul.


Mask, paper, crinkle-

Taking note-

Looking around; breathing air 

Living in color-

So much color

Excited to see people again

Like it is a whole new spectrum
Of light that I have just
Discovered like an

Optic scientist.




What makes a lion? 

I don’t know.
Everyone thinks of 

Strength, power-

But what of hope?


Hope is a thing we 

Tend to forget-
We have to have hope

And love-

A feeling

Of togetherness.

What makes a lion-

What makes a lion-

Is being yourself.
What makes a lion-

Means bridging the 

Barrier between color 

And no color at all. 

As lions-

We are colorful

We are full of life

And that life is our strength.
Today we stand together

We rely on hope
And we walk through the halls

Knowing that color runs

Throughout its walls. 


Taking Notes


Chit chat-

Clip clap
The teacher claps
To get your attention.


The seemingly unknown

As you look down at a 


Blank paper.

So many lines upon lines

That need a river of ink 

To make them alive.

Then I write,
I write so much

I do not even 

Hear the teacher 



When they walk

Eyes seemingly peering over

My paper-

Their eyes crinkle

Under their mask;

Knowing I have done 

My best work.


Dream Believer


Believer in the dream-

The colors so green

And gold so bright

You have to shield 

Your eyes. 


Believer in the dream-

As the team runs out

Onto the football field-

Their sweat mixed with

The sweat of their fans

Cheering for them in the 



Believer in the dream-

Pom poms flying through the


Dancers shaking their hips 

At half time and the clap

Of hands as teammates



We are believers in the dream-
Whether it be in sport, art

Or school.

For the believer of the dream
Wears colors of green

And gold.




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