Michael Moore visits Occupy Portland to express support


No person better embodies the ideas and beliefs of the Occupy movement than Michael Moore, filmmaker and progressive activist. On Oct. 31, he visited Occupy Portland’s “Tent City” to speak to the protesters about how happy he is with their efforts.

“I’ve been to many of the occupations across this country, […] and this is by far the largest occupation I have seen,” Moore said.

Moore talked about how proud he was of the Occupy movement as a whole, but said he was especially proud of the dedication of the Portland protesters.

“I see tents set up here. I know it rains a lot here, but you are clearly in for the long haul,” Moore said. “Know that there are literally millions that wish they could be here with you in this park.”

After speaking to the protesters, Moore went to Powell’s City of Books to sign copies of his autobiography.

Moore has received a significant following among progressives (and an equally strong base of critics) for his documentaries, such as “Roger & Me,” about unemployment in his hometown of Flint, MI; “Bowling For Columbine,” an Oscar winner about gun control; and most recently, “Capitalism: A Love Story.”

Moore spoke to the protesters just as they began occupying Terry Schrunk Plaza. The morning of Nov. 1, ten protesters were arrested for camping on the federal land. They have since left the Plaza, but still have tents set up in Chapman and Lownsdale Squares. They are currently on day 27 of occupying the city.