Speed detectors and jammers endanger civilians and drivers alike

Speed detectors and jammers endanger civilians and drivers alike

It may sound cool to be able to tell when a police officer has his or her speed limit gun on you, or even to be able to jam its signal. It would definitely help people avoid receiving tickets, right?

What most people don’t realize when they purchase devices that are able to do these things is that they could be endangering people’s lives by preventing the police from doing one of their jobs: keeping the streets free of dangerous, speedy drivers. Speed limits are made to protect pedestrians and drivers, so traffic laws such as speed limits should be followed.

Police radar gun trackers and jammer devices are available at certain car dealerships and websites like Amazon.com. Their function is to either beep when a police officer is tracking your speed or to jam the signal of their gun. This way drivers know when they’re being tracked, can slow down until they’re past the police and then resume speeding. It sounds like some sort of spy gadget, but a lot of people don’t realize the danger that it can cause.

According to news source WTOP, speeding is causing car crash related deaths at increasingly high numbers. If people are allowed to purchase such dangerous devices then the numbers will only get worse. We don’t need special electronics to help us  not be caught, we need a good set of morals to stop us from speeding in the first place. Instead of spending all of our money on a cool new toy we can purchase to “outsmart” the police, we should be saving our money and practicing safe driving.

What if someone decides it’s a brilliant idea to drive drunk and has a police gun signal jammer? This person could cause a lot of damage by driving recklessly and making it harder to be stopped.

The police are here for a reason, and that is to provide public safety. If people are using electronics to prevent them from doing their job, then they should be stopped.

There’s something very wrong about taking the police’s ability to stop speeding, and yet, nothing’s being done about it. If there was some sort of special door that prevented firefighters from entering your house in the event of a fire, obviously no one would buy it because it would endanger you and your family. What they don’t realize is that buying detectors and jammers for their car is doing nearly the same thing. They’re endangering themselves, everyone in the car with them, and everyone on the road by speeding and not being caught.

These devices are incredibly dangerous  and are only used to cut corners, so it’s obvious why they should be banned. They shouldn’t be selling these gadgets anywhere, and there should be a fine given to anyone possessing of either a detector or a jammer. If this ban is not possible, perhaps the police could develop speed limit guns that work differently. The only reason the detectors work is because of the radar signal that the guns emit. If police officers created new guns that did not give off this signal, it would render the hazardous devices useless and anyone in possession of one would be forced to throw it out, thus creating safer streets for all.

Overall, if people had common sense to think about the bigger picture before they go out and do something so irresponsible, we wouldn’t have this problem. But sadly, people are too caught up in not being caught, or seeming cool. People must open their eyes and realize that this technology causes more harm than help.