Janitor Staff is underappreciated

For some reason, it is easier to take a free throw shot at the garbage can, rather than actually walking five feet to toss it in. Although it probably takes more energy and concentration trying to make it in, we can all admit to doing it anyways. What we don’t realize though, is that someone else is going to have to pick it up, if we miss. Those someones are the janitorial staff that work at our school.

Some people seem to feel the need to leave wrappers, leftover food, gum, papers, and more. all over the floors and tables, inside and outside of the school. There is also a lot of writing in permanent marker on the bathroom stalls. We are lucky that they clean everything up, or else we’d be living in a pigsty.

Walking through the halls one can recognize the familiar faces that we usually see pushing a cart down the hall, or carrying some sort of cleaning tool. I doubt that the majority of the student body could match names with the faces though, but neither could I. Why do we not recognize those who keep our school clean? Well, because it’s their job, but just like them teachers and students also come to school for their job; to teach and learn. However, everyone can always use some praise and recognition, which is exactly what the janitorial staff deserves.

Every year teachers are given awards for excellent teaching in their subject, and the students are always given big events like graduation for making it through four long school years. All of that is deserved, of course, but there hasn’t been any recognition ceremonies for the cleaning staff, which is exactly what they deserve for keeping West Linn such a clean and tidy nice place. So next time you set up for a free throw at the garbage can, think a little more about it.