Student Speak Out on the Cold Winter


What do you think of this cold weather?

“I think it’s freezy frosty. I don’t like wearing big coats but my mom makes me wear them so I don’t get sick.” Alex Wells, sophomore.

“I snowboard sometimes but I still don’t like the cold. You get used to it but it is just not fun to be freezing all the time.” Rance Pittman, freshman.

How do you feel that this winter is colder than most?

“Normally winter is my favorite season, but this winter there is no precipitation, it is really dry. I would be happier if it stopped being so dry and snowed so I can do fun winter things.” Jessica Hodges, senior.

Does the snow discourage you to ski or snowboard now that it is colder?

 “I don’t go up to the mountain that often but I don’t like the cold. I probably wont go up as much this year because I don’t like being cold,” Laura Meis, freshman.

“I don’t ski or snowboard but the weather is super cold and annoying. I like spring better where I don’t have to bundle up every time I step outside.” CeCelia Lewis, Junior.