Spirit Week 2015 flops

Homecoming week proves to be unsuccessful in many ways

Spirit week is a time when students dress up in crazy outfits to show their love for their school. It took place the week before homecoming, and the days included Messy Monday, Tropical Tuesday, Workout Wednesday, Theme Thursday, and Fan Friday. However, these themes proved to be unsuccessful and unexciting among the  students.

The preparation for  Spirit Week had student body ecstatic to show their school spirit. The decorating of porches with Disney movies was a great idea. The hallways ended up looking really good and showcased a lot of creativity. The junior porch, which was decorated to resemble “Finding Nemo”, was my favorite, as well as the porch judge’s favorite. Other than the porch decorations, Spirit Week was lacking in student participation and enthusiasm.

“Spirit Week was not as successful as I had hoped,” Tya Seth, sophomore, said. “Few people dressed up and I don’t think there was much encouragement to wear spirit clothes.”

A very small demographic of students participated in the days of Spirit Week. Students were ultimately disappointed by the absence of student participation.

“I thought Spirit Week was kind of fun.” Lauren Griffith, sophomore, said. “I had fun dressing up, but I was sad by how few students were dressing up and participating.”

I participated in Spirit Week for the first three days and felt the same as Griffith. I enjoyed dressing up in crazy, stupid outfits, but seeing the lack of students participating made me feel like there was no point in dressing up.

The main problem with Spirit Week was due to the lack of promotion for it. Spirit Weekdays were not announced until late in the week previous, leaving students with very little time to plan for what they would wear. I heard many people talking throughout the hallways about how they didn’t even know it was Spirit Week.

Another reason for the Spirit Week flop resulted from the themes. The themes were not the easiest to dress for and they were not very exciting because they were almost identical to the previous year’s. Hardly anyone dressed up for the porch Theme Thursday because it was too difficult to come up with a costume.

A way for Spirit Week to improve for next year, would be to make students more aware by promoting it better and coming up with more interesting and fun themes. Announcing Spirit Week themes earlier than the week before would allow students to plan for their costumes and make them more elaborate. Also, more fun themes would excite more students and possibly make them want to participate.