A cracking nation

Panic raises over new education standards set by Betsy DeVos’ policies

Controversy over the current state of the newly elected officials in the American government only seems to grow as we get further into Mr. Donald Trump’s presidency. With the appointment of Mrs. Betsy DeVos as the new Secretary of Education the Senate has been left split down the middle as Democrats attempt to fend off the advancement of Mrs. DeVos career in the US government.

However, her vows for change have enticed and entrapped many members of the Senate as well as the Vice President himself, who had the honor of breaking the 50-50 tie in favor of Mrs. DeVos. As she heads into her new office within the Department of Education Mrs. DeVos has her eyes on her ultimate goal, privatizing education.

Mrs. DeVos has very little to no knowledge of how public schools operate because she has never been an educator nor has she sent either of her children to public school and doesn’t seem to care. She is, however, a corporate lobbyist intent on selling out education to the highest bidder.

Turning over education to private companies and charter schools who are more focused on the money than the students. Especially since these closed door schools frequently turn out less proficient students as they are less regulated, something Mrs. DeVos has viciously fought for. Even though the mission statement of the Department of Education is to

Speaking of money, Mr. Dick DeVos, husband to Mrs. DeVos, has spent a large sum of his father’s fortune funding privatized and Christian schools throughout Michigan. Along with the funding of these privatized schools the family has spent over $200,000 in support of the Republican party.

So who really benefits from the appointment of Mrs. DeVos as the Secretary of Education? The corporations who will make money off of students education and the Republican party, including Mr. Trump, who has received significant financial advantages since hiring Mrs. DeVos.

Unfortunately it is the students and teachers that thrive under the unity that is public schools who get the boot in this situation. On the other hand her pro-choice in educational formats (private, charter, home school, etc.) stance has attracted the attention of some of the minority school systems, such as homeschoolers.

“Her pro-choice stance may create many opportunities for students that have been limited by the rigid public school systems,” Diana Bob, junior, said. However, Mrs. DeVos’ plan will cut virtually all funding for public schools severely limiting the educational opportunities for lower income families.

She intends to stay under the radar until the controversy that surrounds President Trump has subsided and in that she is able to radically change the system without much resistance. She doesn’t even have to cut spending.  

All Mrs. DeVos has to do is to stop the federal funding of public education allowing room for privatized schools to sneak in and take over the education system. Meaning all public schools no matter how big or small would be faced with extreme cutbacks and layoffs which would create a very difficult and uneasy transition for thousands of schools all around the country.