Bombs aren’t the answer

With recent actions by our current President escalating tensions with communist countries, we could reaching a point where the damage we do in unchangeable.


Connor Maloney

With these last couple of months being some of the most eventful months of military action in recent memory, the future for eighteen year olds like myself is in question more than ever. As the thought of war and being drafted rears it’s ugly head too often, it might be too late to fix what we knew couldn’t be undone.

In wake of yesterday being the day that our newly appointed President Donald Trump dropped a bomb on an intricate ISIS tunnel system in Afghanistan, I will be the first to say that, especially as a high school senior and soon-to-be 18 year old, my (and others in a similar situation to me) future is in question more than it ever has been before.

In regards to my political preference, I really don’t have one. I am as locked in the middle of the spectrum as one could be. I agree and disagree with both parties on multiple things and I also see the rights and the wrongs in some of the things that both parties stand for. I have little bias when it comes to how I view the actions of those in positions representing our entire country.

That being said, some of the actions of our current President Donald Trump are completely out of line. I’m not the only one that feels that way too. When I asked a few seniors around the high school, they shared a pretty similar opinion to mine.

“I think Trump is way out of line with some of his actions as of late,” Hunter Lampson, senior, said. “And at this point in my life I’m not ready to be drafted. Maybe later but just not right now.”

“I don’t think the bombings in Syria and Afghanistan were necessary,” Tristan Waits, senior, said. “I feel like there could have been other ways to approach that because if a war really does break out, I don’t think that I would be ready to be drafted.

Even an outspoken Trump supporter had something to say on the matter.

“Honestly, I think that it’s about time that someone did something,” Mitchell Johnson, senior, said. “Even though I think that it’s a good thing that we did it, I hope we don’t go to war because I wouldn’t want to get drafted.”

What he is doing is sending a message to the rest of the world that the United States has zero tolerance for terrorism and acts of war against innocent civilians. For example, we conducted a bombing run on Syria after video surfaced of what looked like chemical attacks on civilians, which is outlawed in war. His actions really are sending a message to the rest of the world and showing what these next four years will be like. But that’s also what I’m worried about. For example after we bombed Syria, Russia came out and said that if we continued to have a large military presence or take any more extreme acts like the one that inspired that reaction, then they would have to get involved. In response to this, Trump sent and positioned an aircraft carrier just off of the coast of Syria, basically daring Russia to do something.

Trump came out and during a press conference yesterday and gave what seemed like a very forced and non-sincere apology concerning his comments made on the campaign trail regarding his thoughts about NATO. He also told the rest of the nation that relations with Russia might be the worst they’ve ever been. This press conference just seemed like a poor attempt to regain allies and possibly rebuild some bridges that he burned. It seems like reality is catching up to Trump and he’s realizing that when it comes to another powerhouse nation in Russia, he can’t deal with them alone.

Now fast forward to yesterday, news breaks that Trump has dropped a bomb on an intricate ISIS tunnel system in Afghanistan, one that allows ISIS soldiers and personnel to move around freely from place to place all while being undetected. He didn’t just drop any bomb on them either; Trump actually dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb ever used in the history of combat. Now, while this act seems like he’s just following up and acting on a comment made about ISIS back during a rally in Knoxville, Tennessee during November of 2015 where he said: “I’d bomb the s*** out of them.”

The timing also seems to be a little too perfect. Coming off of a week where there has been a lot of discussion about our dying relationship with Russia, it almost feels like we’re back to the time before the Cold War where us and Russia were in an arms race and almost ‘flexing our muscles’ at each other just to hopefully intimidate the other country and show that they don’t want to mess with us. This just seems like an attempt to scare Russia into potentially backing out of Syria or maybe loosening their grip a little bit on the country so that we as the United States can get more involved in the way that Trump seems to want (which as he’s shown over the last couple of days, is dropping bombs).

While all of this is going on in the Middle East, over on the Eastern Coast of Asia there is a potential threat growing every single day in North Korea: who just invited a bunch of journalists and canceled their usual Thursday schedule for a “big event” where journalists are not allowed to take their phones. This could honestly mean anything and until the journalists come back with their phones to break the news, we really won’t know.

But the last time that something like this happened in North Korea, the event was a failed missile launch, so it’s pretty safe to assume that that is exactly what it could be again. Add this to the fact that satellite imaging shows that their Punggye-ri nuclear test site is loaded and ready for a launch, it’s safe to say that that is exactly what the supposed big event will be about. To combat this of course, Trump has moved more military force across the border in South Korea to prepare for a potential attack, which can also be viewed by them as just another reason to attack us.

With Trump bombing multiple different countries and pissing off communist nations such as Russia and North Korea, the threat of war seems more realistic than ever. Add into the fact that NATO isn’t exactly pleased with us as a country due to comments made about them on Trump’s campaign trail, and our allies might not be so eager to jump in and fight for us if things get real and we need help.

So with at least two communist nations mad at us, an increasing terror threat, and the possibility of very limited allies, the chances of a military draft is also a large possibility that needs to be seriously thought about. As a soon-to-be-18-year-old man, my future is directly affected by this, and so are a lot of others too. Eighteen is the age where men are supposed to submit their Selective Service Card so they can be eligible in case there ever is a need for a draft. And if another possible World War caliber war breaks out, then there will be a lot of people drafted.

While a majority of Trump’s actions are making a statement to the rest of the world, he doesn’t seem to be thinking about the repercussions of his actions, which is beginning to affect all of us as a country. Especially as a world leader, you can’t just go around dropping bombs on other countries and not think about what that is going to do to the other leaders around you. While dealing with the likes of communist nations such as Russia and North Korea, things need to be thought out so that we don’t piss them off more than we already do. To avoid the possibility of a third World War, Trump needs to stop acting on his impulses and should start acting mature and ready for the position that we elected him to be in, which is the President of the United States.