The rich not getting richer: Students speak about the NBA lockout

The rich not getting richer: Students speak about the NBA lockout

Some of you may have noticed the missing noise of sneakers on the hardwood, or the sound of the rock hitting the court. Most Portland Trailblazers fans have, and the strike has even hit the student population at West Linn High School.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is in a labor strike. The players and the owners can’t agree upon money matters. The main issue is what to do with contracts. The players want long contracts with guaranteed money and benefits, even for underperforming players. The owners want short contracts that don’t have a lot of money going to the players.

Another thing the owners are against is the “soft” salary cap. This means that teams can go above the maximum it pays players each season, so they can “stack” their teams. (i.e. Miami Heat, Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers).  It seems as if the owners and players won’t come to an agreement unless it positively benefits the NBA’s economy.



Andrew Nelson, freshmen:

“I’m upset because I can no longer watch them on T.V. I’m also upset because my family always gets season tickets and it’s looking like it won’t happen this year.”





Hailey Westover, sophomore:

“It’s making me so sad, especially because last year I had season tickets, and now this year I don’t get to have them again.”






Gabe Wietz, junior:

“I’m not very upset, although I do think the blazers fan base will be disappointed because they are very loyal.”




Eric Lonsway, senior:

“If the whole season is canceled I will be very pissed. Season tickets mean a lot to me and I would very upset if I didn’t get to go to games this winter. “