West Linn High wrestling team plans striking changes for upcoming year

With a new study hall and a more enthusiastic team, this year’s wrestling team is experiencing a wide array of changes.

These study halls, implemented by Doug Samarron, head coach, take place every Monday after practice and began on Nov. 28. In these work periods, the wrestlers work on homework and are shown a feature of wrestling from the coaches.

“We will be able to focus on homework. Then we will be taught some aspect of wrestling other than technique,” Braden Krellwitz, senior captain, said. “This could be diet, how to warm up for a match, or anything like that.”

According to Krellwitz, these study halls were implemented due to improve the team members’ grades and have raised a fairly neutral response from the team.

“I haven’t really heard anyone say anything good or bad about them,” Krellwitz said. “I think they will be very beneficial for the new wrestlers, though.”

Along with the new time for academics, the team is embodying a different mood this year, according to Krellwitz.

“All the wrestlers and coaches seem to be more fired up this year, and the coaches are really trying to motivate and teach us as much as they can,” Krellwitz said.

According to Krellwitz, many of the new wrestlers are learning technique much faster this year. The first meet is this Friday, Dec. 2, at Newberg High School.