Michael Haffner out with season ending football injury


Michael Haffner, sophomore tight end for the JV Football Team, was concussed for the fourth time and is possibly out for good.

“The snap was fumbled. I turned and dove on the ball and the other players dove on me,” Haffner said. “From the film it looks like I was hit in the back of the head.”

That play resulted in a severe concussion; his third in under a year and his fourth total. A concussion happens when the brain is violently rocked back and forth. Recovery for this traumatic injury is long and slow according to OSAA reports that 800 high school students suffer from a concussion in Oregon every year.

“I am in speech, physical and occupational therapy. I also see a concussion specialist to keep an eye on my injury,” Haffner said.

Haffner had to take some time to recover immediately after the incident and spent several days at home missing school.

“Decreasing the stress on the brain early on after a concussion may lessen symptoms and shorten the recovery time.” OSAA reported on how concussions might affect school work. Research is still being done on concussions, however, culture’s “tough attitude” towards sports make players more likely to underplay their injuries according to the Portland Press.

On Sept. 3 four ex-NFL players filed a concussion lawsuit against the league and its helmet makers. The former players suffered from headaches and memory loss and wanted compensation for their loss. With more and more research being done the number of concussions have risen due to new awareness of this type of injury. The amount of reported concussions have doubled in the last decade according to www.concussiontreatment.com.

“In terms of playing again, the doctors might remove me from all contact sports, pending the time and success of my recovery.” Haffner said. This is because each time a player receives a concussion a future one is more likely. This would be bad for Haffner because he plays both football and lacrosse.