Brie Balsbough swims her way to full ride scholarship


Delicately balancing school, sports, family and friends, Brie Balsbough, senior, has completed a nearly impossible task. She has earned a 4.0 throughout her high school career, and has already secured a college scholarship.

“I enjoy learning new things,” Balsbough said, which contributes to her grades.

Having tried numerous sports, Balsbough was an athletic kid who started swimming when she was seven. During show and tell in third grade, Balsbough recalled a fellow classmate bringing in medals that he won from swimming. She pointed to them and told her mom, “I want to do that! I want to earn those!” Balsbough identifies this moment as the point when her passion began.

Balsbough’s parents are her biggest role models because they have supported her entire life.

“My parents have helped me develop as a person, which has really helped me throughout my swimming career,” Balsbough said.

“She is very competitive, and a hard worker,” Kyle Vu, swim teammate said.

“I can definitely see her swimming in The Olympics,” Kylie Norris, fellow swimmer added.

After visiting six universities, Balsbough committed to San Diego State University on a full ride scholarship, based on her swimming times and where she fits on the team,“I love the environment, the girls…just everything there. I can’t wait to attend!” Balsbough said.

Balsbough has also been training steadily for the Olympics. She practices at least six times a week, three hours a day and is planning to make the Olympic Trials in 2016 in order to qualify for the Olympics. “That’s the ultimate goal,” Balsbough said. “Swimming is where I belong” Balsbough added. “She is the kind of athlete a coach wants because her competitiveness is contagious, in a good way.” Said Ms. Wilson, Balsbough high school swim coach said..

In addition to swimming, Balsbough also enjoys outdoor activities, cooking, reading, and hanging out with her friends and being with her family: which consists of her mother, Dana, her father, Dave, and her two younger brothers Luke, sophomore and Grant, 5th grade.

“All her accomplishments show what kind of person she is hard working, focused, and competitive, but still very down to earth.” Wilson said.

With her best events being the 50 free and 100 breaststroke Balsbough is ready to take on college and glide into the Olympics, and one day “I would like to do something in the medical profession” Balsbough said.