Student referees soccer games

“I was approached by an aggravated parent, and he came up to me in the parking lot after the game,” Quinn Perrine, sophomore, said.

Perrine is a soccer referee. While he’s still new to the job, he is “learning fast” and “hopes to get a lot better.”

One of the motivations for Perrine to become a soccer referee was he wanted to not have to rely on anyone else as much.

“I wanted to be an independent person and have my own money so I can pay for my own things,” Perrine said.    

He thinks he gets paid “very well” for what he does. Either 15 or 25 dollars for each one hour game. And that depends on if he is the center referee, or the assistant referee.

While he has worked at a variety of fields, he usually works at just two: Mary S. Young Park or Wilsonville High School fields.

“I probably like working at Wilsonville High School the best because it has turf and a concession stand.”

“I control the game completely.” Perrine said. He arrives at the field, checks the teams in, starts the game, calls whose ball it is once it’s kick out of bounds, makes any other calls that need to be made, and ends the game.

“My favorite part of being a soccer referee is getting to watch soccer and getting exercise outdoors, all while getting paid,” Perrine said. “Although it’s not for everyone, because if you don’t have any interest in soccer, or don’t like being outside then you probably won’t like it.”

“I’d highly recommend this job… It’s a very easy thing to get the hang of,” Perrine said. “I’ve also made sure that this job doesn’t affect my school work.”