Lions defeated at home by Central Catholic Rams


Sydney McCrone

The sun sets over the football field as the Lions line up for a play in the first quarter.

Pep bands, excited students, energetic cheerleaders and determined players. The first game of the season on Sept. 6 was a close game with the Central Catholic Rams, who ended up winning 35-27. 

With the Lions leading in the beginning of the fourth quarter, Central Catholic ultimately came back, stopping the Lions with their last two possessions and taking the ball to score twice to win the game. 

The varsity head coach, Chris Miller, has roles and duties as a coach that go beyond coaching. 

“Number one: be a great play caller,” Miller said. “Number two: be a great leader for my guys, be very positive and upbeat, pump them up, and lift them up, build them up and be very supportive.” One of the most important pieces of football is keeping the positivity and excitement throughout the game. Keeping endurance and stamina is not only important but an energetic crowd keeps the players strive to win. 

With Miller’s years of experience and playing and coaching in the NFL, the importance of his leadership takes a huge part in the season of the Lions and the rest of their coaching staff. 

Miller believes that not only positivity is key, but that the football team continues to use their practice and knowledge to lead them to victory. 

“We are playing here at West Linn High School with the student body, and Friday night football, and it gives me chills throughout my body,” Miller said.

With a tied score of 21-21 in the fourth quarter, West Linn took the lead in the beginning of the fourth quarter with a six point touchdown.

After losing the game, Miller said before that something he brought back some strategies from playing in the NFL.“Be extremely prepared, and our guys are extremely prepared, and to put the ball in the best players hands,” Miller said. “You learn things from different guys and coaches and nuances to bring to the game.”

“I played in the NFL for ten years and coached for four, and as I player I learned not to be too hard on myself,” Miller said. “Its OK to make mistakes and to take a deep breath.” 

Tonight’s game was a defeat, but as the Lions continue to train and prep, the student body will continue to cheer and support our Lions under the Friday Night Lights with the Lions seeking victory in the rising season.

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  • West Linn vs. Tualatin @ Tualatin Oct. 18
  • West Linn vs. Tigard @ Tigard Oct. 25