It rolls in the family

Brothers win gold in local skate competition

This year marks Tanner Creek Skate Park’s 20 year anniversary. To celebrate, Kaleb Brusa, who organized and helped host the event, teamed up with multiple skate shops to host Skate Jam, an all-inclusive skateboarding competition. This is the competition’s debut. 

Skate Jam lasted from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Sept. 3. For each age division, groups of eight competitors participated in an eight-minute long “jam session,” skating at the same time. Afterwards, each competitor had a minute and a half to display their skills individually to the judges.  

The event was free to compete in and spectate. A variety of skate shops including Substunce and Rebel Skates, both local to the Portland Metro area, sponsored the event. A raffle was also featured, $5 tickets offering the chance to win prizes such as company merch, boards, wheels, and other skating gear.

All of the funds raised during the event were donated to the non-profit organization Grind For Life. The main goal of the organization is to help financially support cancer patients and their family’s needs. It was founded by Mike Rogers, longtime skater and two-time cancer survivor. The event raised over $2200 for the organization.

Skate Jam welcomed all ages, separated into multiple divisions: 15 and under, 16-20, 21-30, and 31 and up. 

Brothers Chris and Cam McCoy were two of the com

Smiling after completing his winning solo run, Chris McCoy exits the bowl.

petitors who participated. Cam, 10-years-old, competed in the 15 and under division. Chris, freshman, competed in the 16-20 division despite only being 15. 

Chris has been skating for over two years. 

“It was my younger brother’s birthday. I told him to get a skateboard because my friends were skating. And then once he got it, I stole it from him. And I just went to the skate park,” Chris said when asked how he got into the sport. “I would always go to the skate park every day and there’d be all the older skaters and they would keep pushing me to do new tricks.”

Following in his brother’s footsteps, Cam started skating shortly after Chris, at only 8 years old. “My brother Chris started skating after he stole my board. And then I just kind of got into it too,” Cam said. “I just think whatever age you are, you can always start skating.”

As the event was being organized, Chris and Cam both knew they wanted to compete.

“I skate here every single day. So when all my friends were putting it together, I mean, I wanted to join,” Chris said. “I think I did good. I learned a few new tricks during my run and just had a fun time.¨

This is the first competition either of them have been to— and they both won 1st place in their division. Besides being awarded new boards and a gold trophy, they won the chance to compete in the 21-30 age division.

“Whenever there’s a competition, I want to go in,” Cam said. “I’m just kind of nervous because I have to go against 20 year olds now.”