Ashley Nord

Ashley Nord, Yearbook Staff

When children were younger the ideal job was to be a princess or a fairy, no young child ever thought about anything else. Sophomore, Ashley Nord, is definitely out of that phase and ready to start thinking about her life.

“I have always loved writing and taking pictures,” Nord said. “I knew that when I started high school I wanted to get into those things more.”

Nord has already completed many classes that are helping her make her ideal future. Classes such as photography, journalism, and english. When she's not in school or taking pictures of the sunset, she's always keeping busy by doing homework, or hanging out with her friends and family.

“I want to be able to tell people what's going on in the world, I want them to hear it from me.” Nord said. Nord has always had a love for reporters and talking to people. In sixth grade she started watching a show called “Chasing Life.” The main character is a reporter and she fell in love with the job. She has also always watched the girls on the sidelines of football games reporting.

Nord is a kind and generous person who always looks for the good in people. Using her friends and family as inspiration, Nord incorporates them into another aspect of her life: creative writing. Nord has always loved writing creative stories. When she was little, she wrote many songs and short stories. She’d even write stories with her grandparents on long road trips back home. “I love exploring life and making people feel happy,” Nord said. “I try to be my best self and I can't wait to see what life has to offer.”


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Ashley Nord