Bryce Cumpston

Bryce Cumpston, WLHSnow Staff

“ I started violin lessons when I was five, and I’ve been taking private lessons on at least one instrument since then.”  Music has been a big part of Bryce Cumpston’s, senior, life ever since he was little, and he has continued this practice throughout the years. Evolving from just an outside passion, Cumpston furthered his musical experience by joining band in school. His experience is not just limited to one instrument, however, as Cumpston said  “I play a lot of instruments, and I really like practicing different instruments [and] learning new songs.” As far as which instrument he likes the best, Cumpston said “I’m the best at drums, but I’m starting to get a little bit bored with drums right now...I think I enjoy playing bass the most.” Band is a big part of high school, however he really enjoys learning other instruments at home, with the freedom to learn and practice how he likes. “...I’m also self taught on other instruments...I actually enjoy [this] a little bit more.” Music has been a big part of Cumpston’s life at home and at school, however in the future he is unsure of what he’d like to do as a career. Journalism, though, seems like it could be an option, “I’m not sure what I want to do as a career, but one of the things I’m looking at is journalism, which is why I decided to take journalism one.” He hopes to learn more about the subject through the class, and potentially take more classes on it later in his life.

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Bryce Cumpston