Liana Li

Liana Li, Broadcast Journalism

4:00 am, Liana Li, 11 is up editing a new hairstyle video for her Youtube channel. As a first year staffer, Liana loves the video aspect of Yearbook.

By 7:00 am she is up doing her makeup with her bold brows and bright highlighter. She gets dressed and adds her favorite accessory; heeled boots, “ I’m really short and I wanna be taller,” she said.

After a long day of school Liana heads to her dance practice at 6:00 pm. She was formerly a gymnast for 11 years but now has moved on to dancing with the DEBS. “Gymnastics is obviously a team sport, but you compete individually. Being a part of DEBS you actually get to dance, compete together, and really be a team.”

9:30 pm and she is just starting her homework. “I want to go to college for performing arts.”

The end of the day and she's so exhausted she falls asleep in her bed just to wake up the next day and do it all again.

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Liana Li