Matthew Udell

Matthew Udell, Staff Writer

Continuing along the path of his favorite class: English, Matt Udell, junior, decided to take journalism.

 “Writing has always come easy to me, so I am excited to use it to be a part of something larger,'' Udell said. 

“English isn’t like other classes where you have to learn all these specific facts that may or may not help you later in life,” Udell said. “In English, the majority of it is stating your opinion, in ways that will surely be used later in life.”

When he isn’t in school, you can find Udell playing basketball, soccer, or hanging out with friends. Udell has played basketball since he was in first grade, as it is a great way to express his competitive nature. He played on a school team last year of which he “would rather not specify.”

Udell also plays co-ed soccer for fun, as he has played soccer his whole life. “It is fun to mess around on the field with my friends, and work together to beat the teams we play,” Udell said.

Udell is looking forward to providing new stories for the community in his first year as a journalism student.

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November 14, 2019
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Matthew Udell