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Natalie Lin, Reporter

st people wouldn’t enjoy watching a game from the sidelines, but for Natalie Lin, freshman, watching from the sidelines drove her to do what she loves: soccer.

Since kindergarten, Lin has had a burning passion for soccer. Though she didn’t start with classic soccer—a level above recreational soccer—Lin is currently a member of the Junior Varsity Girls Soccer Team and she plays for the Premier Team for the Oswego South Side Association (OSSA).

“I like the adrenaline that rushes through me,” Lin said. “When I score a goal, everything stops in place so you can enjoy the moment and you can live in it for 20 seconds.”

In order to gain the inspiration to keep on playing on the field, Lin’s idol, Alex Morgan, a member of the U.S Womens National Team, motivates her through words. Lin keeps an autograph from Morgan that her parents surprised her with for OSSA tryouts. Before a game, she admires the autograph and thinks of how Morgan plays.

Besides soccer, Lin’s hobbies including spending time with her friends and family, but mostly her family.

“My family means a lot to me,” Lin said. “My friends are there for me, but I can’t trust them with my whole life, unlike my family. They’re there for me 24/7.”

Even though her friends and family mean a lot, Lin does not stray from her school life. She pays close attention to her academics. Her favorite subject so far is technical theatre because of her love of spending time on play sets.

Lin’s future includes her dream to become an elementary school teacher. She wants to attend Stanford University on a soccer scholarship and major with a degree in chemistry. However, her life-long passion of soccer makes up her ultimate dream: to become a professional soccer player for the U.S. Womens National Team.

“I’m getting steps closer to reaching my dream,” Lin said. “If I reach my dream, or if I don’t and end up becoming a soccer coach, as long as I stay active, I can stay in the game.”

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