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Shreya Nathan

Shreya Nathan, Reporter

Although she is looking forward to future events in her life, Shreya Nathan, freshman, still enjoys doing things she started being a part of years ago. Looking forward to such things as Prom, graduation, college, and her career, Nathan still puts some of her time into playing softball.

“Softball is like a release from my daily life,” Nathan said.

Nathan has played softball since she was eight years old and considers it a serious sport. She normally plays third base, but on occasion she will play outfield.

The most memorable season of softball for Nathan was in seventh grade when she had five home runs and four double plays.

“It felt like I lifted the team and that I was a worthy player,” Nathan said.

Although softball has been a part of her life for so long, Nathan also enjoys some of her classes, especially biology. Nathan’s favorite part is learning about cells and genetics, because she likes knowing how things grow and evolve.

“I grew up in a family of doctors. My mom’s a doctor and she has a big influence over me,” Nathan said. She wants to use the knowledge she gains especially in biology to go to Stanford for college. Nathan wants to eventually become a surgeon.

Although she has set herself long term goals for college and a career, Nathan is looking forward to enjoying her high school experience.

“Everyone says that high school is the best four years of your life. I’m looking forward to prom and graduation, even though they are in a few years,” Nathan said.

Even with everything she is looking forward to, Nathan still enjoys the things she is currently a part of, such as biology, and things she has been putting time into for years, such as softball.

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Shreya Nathan