Gavin Turner
At the age of six, Gavin Turner, sophomore, was telling tales of woolly mammoths and saber tooth tigers to his grandmother.  It was just the beginning of his passion for telling stories.

“I’ve always loved writing,” said Turner. “My mom would always read to me and I thought it was cool that I could create stories myself.”

Turner is new to the world of journalism and his excited to start working.

“I have always written creatively and I think if I want to be a well rounded writer, it is very important that I learn to write in all different styles,” said Turner.

Aside from writing, Turner finds joy in athletics. He plays baseball and soccer and enjoys playing basketball against his little brother on their hoop at home.

“Our games get pretty intense. Sometimes he catches me on an off-day and gets cocky so I have to put him in his place,” said Turner.

Whether he pursues a career in journalism in the future or not, Turner says it is an important art form.

“Journalism is all around us and I think it’s critical to know how the best columnists go about writing their stories,” Turner said.

Gavin Turner, Co-Opinions Editor

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Gavin Turner