Top ideas for gap years

We’ve got you covered with five productive ways to spend your year off

Taking some time between your senior year of high school and freshman year of college can be very productive. Here’s five ways to spend a gap year.

Foreign Exchange

 There are programs set up to help students complete their foreign exchange goals, so there is plenty of support. And there is plenty of flexibility in your schedule as a foreign exchange student.  A student can study abroad for anywhere from a month to a year in another country.  Students are also given opportunities to gain college credit and get a head start on a degree.


Picking a career or the field you want to go into is a huge decision.  Many students entering their first year of college may be unsure as to what they want to pursue.  A gap year is the perfect way to take the time to dive into different areas of your interest and narrow down what you want to study in college.  Whether one is interested in computers, a public field, or sports, there are bound to be internships that will aid in boosting your career path. Some internships even pay!

Public Service, Home or Abroad

Not only does doing public service make you feel good, it also gives you a great shot at getting into the college of your dreams. It is even more beneficial if you volunteer in a field you are considering going into. For example, if you aspire to be a veterinarian and get to work with elephants in Africa, this will undoubtedly get you valuable experience.

Travel for Fun

If you need to, work for a summer and then travel abroad.  There’s nothing wrong with taking a well deserved break before college. You get all the benefits of meeting new people and experiencing different cultures.  Nobody ever took a vacation they regretted!


Why not take a risk and try to realize your dream as a videogame superstar, competing in esports and streaming live on Twitch TV?  Take a year to perfect your craft with your thumbs and try to live the dream! But if in a year, you’re not making the big bucks it’s time to leave your parents’ basement and get on with your life.