Posing for a photoshoot to advertise his film, Charlie Caplin leans over a lever.

Breaking the silence

February 14, 2020

Nolan Lampson

February 4, 2019

Best Shots in Film

June 13, 2017

New movies coming out in March

Kara Ghorbani-Elizeh

March 11, 2013

After the hype of the Oscars from February has died down, March is a relatively quiet month for movies. The following are the more noteworthy movies that are coming out this month. Opened on March 8 “Oz: The Great and Powe...

2012 MTV Movie Awards: The brightest stars take the stage and the awards

Madison Fiedler

June 18, 2012

Drama, comedy, romance and action have lit up the silver screens this year. With many wonderful movies to choose from, the MTV Movie Awards bring many actors, actresses, and fans together to choose the winner for each of the 14...

Summer movies and concerts: August

Kara Elizeh

June 11, 2012

As August, the warmest month of the year, rolls around, school has been out for almost two straight months. By this time, going to the mall and lounging by the pool has become a mundane routine. To help ward off the summer bore...

“Captain America” flies into theaters

Madison Fiedler

September 16, 2011

Who doesn’t love a classic good versus evil, action-packed, big screen adventure?  Director Joe Johnston, along with writers Christopher Markus, and Stephen McFeely make one of our iconic superheros come to life in in the Marvel...

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