Ethan Gill

Ethan Gill, Opinion Editor

Still yearning for more experience as a journalist, Ethan Gill, Junior, is back and ready to write.

“I greatly enjoyed being apart of journalism in my Sophomore year, so coming back was a really easy decision to make. I enjoyed the work, I enjoyed the experience I had gotten from that work and I loved working with my friends,” Gill said. In his Sophomore year he was the Co-Arts and Culture Section Editor. As a Junior he is now the Opinions Section Editor.

“I feel much more confident this year in comparison to last year. At the start of the year I was nervous and unsure of how much I belonged in the class, but after a while I really felt comfortable among my peers and I felt like they genuinely enjoyed having me around, which was very reassuring.” Gill said.

“I really hope that I can write more articles this year, and that I continue to enjoy the class. If you don’t enjoy the class you’re in, it gets much harder,” Gill said.

Gill still has a strong desire to tell fictional stories though, mainly in novels, comic books and cinema.

“Telling my stories is still my endgame,” Gill said. “And I feel like journalism is very helpful to my storytelling skills.”

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Ethan Gill