West Linn performs sub par on first Lock-in Drill

After looking over how West Linn Students and staff handled the Lock-in Drill on

Oct. 30, Lou Bailey, principal, and the other administrators awarded a C- for how things were handled. This grade has no bearing whatsoever.

The main issues of conflict were window coverings, some students not taking the situation seriously and the time frame it took for classes to fulfill the necessary requirements for a lock-in according to Bailey.

The main procedure for a Lock-in Drill requires that all classrooms, after hearing “This is a Lock-in Drill” is announced, be locked and that students and staff are hidden in a place inside the classroom out of sight, being as quiet as possible. The end of the lock-in is signaled with an “all clear” broadcast over the loudspeaker.

“It was a lot of little things that earned us this grade,” Bailey said. “Last year it took us 45 seconds to get everyone settled in and this year it took one minute and 20 seconds.”

With another lock-in drill scheduled during the next couple weeks, the administration is collecting data on what classrooms need blinds that actually work and how classes areas such as the F-Lab will be protected. Classes that are outside or not in their classroom will also be addressed.

“It’s nice to have the police department here to help with ideas on how to make sure everyone is safe,” Bailey said.