Athletic director experiences a new outlook on life with birth of fraternal twins


“I am sure when I reflect in a year from now I will be astounded with all that I have experienced,” Kevin Mills, Athletic Director, said. “I would not change any of it for anything. I have found a way to surround myself with wonderful people, whether I am at work or home.” Mills’ added.

“I find it entertaining when I think about the major stresses in life because I have found a way to include many of them on a daily basis. I have a new job, moved into a new house, and produced twins. While all of these can be stressful it is hard not to enjoy each one of them. I have a job I love, a house I am comfortable in, twins that make me thankful every day, and the best supportive wife anyone could ask for!” Mills said.

Mills recently came back to work at West Linn High School as the Athletics/Activities Director and Assistant Principal.

In regards to Mills’ new job as assistant principal and athletic director he “has truly enjoyed it. I have had the ability to interact with many students in different environments. It amazes me on a daily basis when I see the many different skills and talents that our student body is full of. I am humbled whether I am in the classroom, on an athletic field, or watching performances in the arts center.

“Kathryn and I did not know we were having twins until six weeks into her pregnancy. We both were quite surprised and didn’t believe it at first,” Mills said.
On Friday Jan. 24, fraternal twins Sydney Leigh and Dominic Mikel Mills were born to Mills, and his wife, Kathryn. Sydney weighed 6.8 ounces and was 19 inches long and Dominic weighed 5.11 pounds and 20 inches long.

The twins are already beginning to develop different personalities.

“Sydney is far more active and enjoys swinging her arms and kicking as much as possible. Dominic is much more subdued and can sleep in any position or room we set him in,” Mills added.
The Mills’ main strategy is to accept as much help that is offered to them.

“We are lucky to have family members that live close by that help,” Mills said. The family is helping with numerous tasks such as cooking, cleaning and feeding

“As for baby proofing my house currently it is more about keeping my wife and me safe first. We work hard to keep our place clean and organized so we don’t trip over ourselves. Our twins are too young to even crawl right now so the baby proofing of all the outlets, drawers, and other hazards hasn’t started yet.” Mills said.

Being a new dad can be “quite an amazing experience. It is amazing how time can fly during the day just (by) holding your kids and enjoying their company.” Mills added. “It is a joy to be around them as much as possible.”

The twins also demonstrate a dominant connection.

“Both twins enjoy sleeping right next to each other and at times one will cry in the others face and it wont even faze the other,” Mills said. “In addition they practice smiling and frowning at random times.”

I am excited for my children to grow up in this community and get to surround themselves with the same students that are currently present here.”
“I enjoy my job and the interactions I have at school, but at the same time it is hard to leave your children and wife at home,” Mills said. “I was around my children 24/7, so leaving for eight hours of the day feels like a long time.”

Mills and his wife communicate daily about his schedule and he makes sure that he can help out with the twins as much as possible.