Resource Officer Allister Bunch returns to WLHS

Returning as the School Resource Officer, Allister Bunch is a WLHS veteran, having manned the position from 2003-2010. He is excited to be back working at the high school level again.

“The amount of sacrifice and dedication WLHS students show in their pursuit of academics is unparalleled,” Bunch said, “It is a great environment to work in.”

A former Los Angeles Police Department officer, Bunch knows the advantages of working in West Linn. “The difference between working in Los Angeles vs West Linn is a quality of life issue. Everything goes back to the home. West Linn has a lot of good families, ones that I am proud to serve,” Bunch said.

Principal Lou Bailey is thankful that Bunch is on staff to provide protection and safety to WLHS staff and students.

“Having a School Resource Officer at a large, comprehensive high school is a valuable asset for overall school safety, providing staff a resource, and bridging a partnership with our local police department,” Lou Bailey, principal, said.

Bunch is humble about the impact he makes, and strives to reach out to students and the community by being a present figure.

“I don’t change lives.” Bunch said. “People have to change their own life. What I do is listen, the key is being present in other peoples lives.”

Bunch stresses the importance of honor among students, and offers his advice to teens.

“Always do the right thing for the right reasons,” he said. “Every situation can result in a good or bad consequence.”