Pearl Bakery

When walking into Pearl Bakery, the smell makes you want to see what they have to offer. The atmosphere is calm and quiet, but the  decor is nothing too exciting. The restaurant is centered around their delicious bread and pastries. They offer indoor and outdoor seating, and the seating is very open and not too packed together. There was a very large variety of pastries including cake, cookies, macaroons, tarts, chocolates and brownies. The prices of lunches, desserts and drinks range from $3-$12. The staff takes orders at the counter and the wait was few a minutes long. They were very friendly, welcoming and the service was excellent.


All the food they have is pre-made, so in order to  add or take anything  off a sandwich, it would have to be done by hand. I ordered the smoked turkey sandwich on a poppy seed kaiser roll at $6.  The sandwich was  a fair size and It was pleasing to the eye due to the colorful red peppers and the pepper aioli. It also had muenster cheese and dijon mustard. The roll was stiff to bite into though, and  hard to chew, but after the first bite it was soft and flavorful. The turkey was smokey and went well with the cheese, which gave a sweet and smoky combination. The peppers were a bit spicy, but aside from that it was tasty.


Their vegetarian and vegan sandwich options are limited. They offer peanut butter and jelly, roasted eggplant and apple walnut cheddar.  The variety of drinks they had were mostly bottled and canned juices, pop AND WATER Their bread was also for sale and they had a variety to choose from. On the way out of the restaurant, the smell of their delicious food follows you out the door. Overall, the service was great and the food was excellent and delicious. I give it an A grade on pastries, high quality sandwiches and service and a B grade for their simple atmosphere.