You will sail across seas to see Moana

As Ron Clements and Jon Muster’s Moana played through, I was continuously getting chills. The Polynesian soundtrack made me feel as if I were on one of the beautiful islands myself.

         This film was based in the Polynesian islands and focuses around a teenage girl named Moana. Moana is meant to be the next chief of her village but is constantly feeling pulled to the ocean. She wants to explore past the reef but is held back by her father who is afraid she will get hurt out there in the big ocean. Little does she know that the ocean needs her, she has to restore the heart of Tahiti, the goddess of land and sea, to keep her island from being destroyed.

         The best actor in this film would have to be either Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for his role as Maui or Auli’i Cravalho for her role as Moana. However, I think Auli’i tops him this time for her amazing vocals. This fourteen year old girl has the lungs of an angel.

         The most remarkable thing about this movie is the soundtrack. It includes some of the best songs Disney has made in a while. People were singing and dancing to the songs before they’d even seen the movie. Personally I knew all the words to the movies most popular song; How Far I’ll Go, long before I saw the movie.

         The biggest lesson I learned from the film is the importance of stepping outside your comfort zones. As Moana hopped on a boat to go on her journey, she didn’t even know how to sail. She simply knew what was wanted and what had to be done, so she did it. She was scared. She was nervous. She was leaping out of her comfort zone. As it turns out her bravery is what makes this whole movie come together. Without it there wouldn’t be much of a story.

         I would recommend this movie to kids of all ages. Grandparents, grandkids, parents and children. It appeals to all ages. I would give it a five out of five stars because as I was walking out of that movie theater I was thinking to myself, “that is my new favorite movie.”