Homecoming Dance turns out to be a big hit for students


Homecoming took place on Friday, October 12th at eight to eleven p.m, with a great outcome.   Students filled the school and were dressed in suits and dresses, ready for the big night.  Modern hits from Z100 boomed throughout the school commons as students danced and socialized.  Colorful superhero decals and signs covered the school porches.  Maddy Baldwin and Joel Larson, seniors, were crowned homecoming king and queen.

Mackenzie Baker, junior ASB officer, is a part of the homecoming dance committee and, “really wanted to make this homecoming a memorable one.”

Turns out, there were a lot more things to do to get ready for the big dance.

“Calling the DJ  song recommendations from students, prices, tickets sales,  talking to school about times and getting the auxiliary gym ready and available.  I really like being a part of the homecoming committee it’s really fun.  It’s not as stressful as some of the other dances,” Baker said.

“DJ recommendations from students and a video of what and what not to wear to the dance were two things that haven’t been done in years past,” Baker said.   Along with Baker, other members of ASB including Kevin Edwards, and Bridget Weitman, juniors, and Zack Nelson, senior, helped to set up and prepare for the dance.    The dance was originally supposed to be held in the auxiliary gym, but was moved to the old commons.

The best part of homecoming for students could be a number of things, from the pounding music, to the hours of getting ready beforehand.

“I would say just being a girl was the best part of homecoming for me! It’s more of a fun dance than a big formal one.  I attended Homecoming my freshman year and it was a really fun first high school dance experience,” said Baker.

Even with the damages from the fire, West Linn High School was still able to pull off a fun and successful homecoming dance for students.