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Jacqueline DelBene, Reporter

Bright lights, Broadway shows and a world full of opportunities—this is what is in store for Jacqueline DelBene, freshman. DelBene hopes to live in New York when she is older because she sees many opportunities for herself there, she loves it and she wants to be near her family. Along with this, she aspires to work in the fashion industry as a Professional Buyer in New York.

“I did want to dance professionally, and then I realized that it wasn’t realistic,” DelBene said. “Now I want to be a professional buyer and work on the business side of fashion.”

When DelBene isn’t dreaming about the future, she thinks about the present. She loves to dance, and has been dancing for ten years total and for five years competitively.

“I do basically every kind of dance,” DelBene said. “Contemporary is my favorite though, which is a mix between lyrical and ballet.”

DelBene is very serious about dance, even going to a workshop in New York over the summer based on dance. There, she worked with casting directors, learned a great deal and ultimately enjoyed herself very much.

Over the summer, along with dance, DelBene went to Hawaii with her family. She had a blast here, and feels that she had the whole experience of Hawaii.

“I went surfing, hung out on the beach, and had a lot of fun,” DelBene said. “We also went to a luau, so we did all of the basic stuff there.”

Along with enjoying herself in Hawaii, she also went to Reno for her sister’s softball tournament this summer. She is close with her sister, Danielle, who is also on the Amplifier staff.

“I didn’t even know that my sister was in Amplifier until her name popped up on the staff profiles when the staff members came to my school,” DelBene said. “I asked her how it was, and she said she liked it, so I decided to join the class.”

DelBene also joined the newspaper staff because she loves writing, and she is looking forward to working on it. She likes the Amplifier, but she enjoys her other classes as well, like AP Human Geography.

“It’s cool being able to take an AP class as a freshman,” DelBene said.

Along with this, she enjoys high school because of how it challenges her. She likes having homework to do because she didn’t have much in middle school. She also enjoys the freedom that high school brings. DelBene’s overall goal in high school is to receive a 4.0, to meet new people and to understand what she is learning.

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Jacqueline DelBene