West Linn resident victim of Clackamas Town Center shooting

Yesterday afternoon, Steve Forsyth, a resident of West Linn, was one of two people killed at the Clackamas Town Center shooting. Forsyth, 45, was married to Carla Forsyth, father of Alex Forsyth, eighth grader at Rosemont Ridge Middle School and stepfather of Katie Hughes, Class of 2011.

On Dec. 11 at approximately 3:30 p.m, police swarmed into the mall after receiving multiple 911 calls. The gunman, Jacob Tyler Roberts, 22, male, now deceased, fired multiple shots in the Food Court, where hundreds of people were eating. The police immediately helped people evacuate and then closed off the mall to visitors to search the entire mall for further evidence. The gunman was reportedly wearing a hockey mask, body armor and camouflage.

Shianne Olsen-Kacalek’s sister is close friends with the son of the victim.

“The realization that someone you’ve known for so long can be gone so quickly and randomly is very sobering,” Olsen-Kacalek, junior, said. “It really makes you appreciate the time you have with someone.”

Forsyth worked at Entercom Communications, which owns radio stations around the city. He also owned a marketing agency in Portland.