Tualatin Historical Society to rename Tonquin Trail


The Tonquin Trail, a 22 mile trail for bikers and pedestrians that travels through Tualatin, Sherwood and Wilsonville, has several features of the Ice Age floods. The Ice Age floods were a series of large floods that swept a towering mass of water and ice through parts of Idaho, Washington and Oregon. The Tualatin Historical Society  wants to rename the Tonquin Trail the Ice Age Tonquin Trail after the unique geologic features left by the Ice Age floods.

In May, when the THS went to Metro to request the trail’s name change, Metro said they had to gain the support of all of the cities and counties within the trail boundaries. THS now has letters supporting the addition of Ice Age to the Tonquin Trail from the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners, Washington County Board of Commissioners, City of Tualatin, Washington County Visitors Association, Tualatin Historical Society, Tualatin Chamber of Commerce, Wilsonville Chamber of Commerce and the Sherwood Chamber of Commerce.

“Putting us on maps like GPS and GIS to show people that there is something to see is the main reason why we want the name change to the Tonquin Trail,” Yvonne Addington, past president of THS, said. Changing the name of the Tonquin Trail to the Ice Age Tonquin Trail will help people to know more about THS. The Ice Age Floods Institute is also excited for the name change to the Tonquin Trail.

“ We are completely on board with what the Tualatin Historical Society is trying to do,” Mark Buser, president of the Ice Age Floods Institute, said. “ It is a great opportunity for us, we have been putting a lot of effort into promoting  the Ice Age Floods.”
The Tualatin Historical Society received the news on Oct. 2 that the name change to the Tonquin Trail has been approved by Metro. Now, while taking leisurely walks through the trail, people can learn the history of the place where they live.