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Makena Buser, Reporter

Few people can say that they visited the place that they were named after, but that’s exactly what Makena Buser, freshman and staff writer, can say. People who are named after cities tend to be named after well-known spots, like Paris, Florence or Sydney, but that’s not the case for Buser.

Last year, Buser was able to visit her namesake beach in Maui, Hawaii. Makena Beach State Park is a special place for Buser and her family. Before Buser was born, her parents took a vacation to Maui and visited the beach. Immediately after visiting, Buser’s parents knew it would become their own little paradise.

“When my parents were there, they fell in love with the beach, especially the more secluded parts,” said Buser. “It felt odd being at my beach, especially being named after such a pretty place.”

 Buser’s unique name may help her stand out in her hopeful future as a politician. Her dreams of going into politics were brought to life when she was able to accompany her dad on a trip to Washington D.C. in Nov. 2011 to lobby for funding to expanded the Willamette Meteorite information sight at Fields Bridge Park. While there, Buser was able to tour the House of Representatives and the Senate, even meeting some Representatives and Senators along the way. This hands-on tour through the nation’s capitol helped pave the way for Buser’s aspirations to become a social scientist, particularly one that is involved with government.

“I want to be a social scientist because it would be fun to be involved in another country’s political system,” Buser said.

If Buser ever does decide to have a career in politics, she’ll be sure to have a name to remember.

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