Car thefts in West Linn

As of April first, the West Linn  Police Department has reported 42 car break-ins resulting in over $ 7,500 worth of merchandise stolen.

“There are not many new leads at the moment, but we can be reasonably sure that the thieves are not teenagers, and are not local,” West Linn High School Policeman Officer Mike Francis said.

Police have determined the one thing these thefts have had in common is all of the cars being broken into have been unlocked. Not only have unlocked cars on the street been targeted, but vehicles in open garages are targeted as well.

“There’s no one item that they’re taking; they are taking everything from gift cards, extra change, even ID.” Francis said.

So far these thefts have taken place in the neighborhoods of Willamette, Savannah Oaks and Parker Crest, though there is no guessing where or who will be the next target.

“As of recently there have been eight more theft monday.” Francis said. To limit your chances of being targeted next there are simple things that you can do:

  • Lock your car

  • Take your valuables with you when you leave the car or hide them out of sight

  • When keep your car in the garage double check to make sure it is closed or locked

  • Keep an outside house light on at night

  • Keep your car windows closed