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Shana Feltham, Reporter

Aspiring young scientist, Shana Feltham, sophomore, hopes to one day join the Peace Corps and make the world a more positive place for humanity.

“I want to feel like I have a say in the world,” Feltham said. Feltham lives her life with one idea in her mind: make the world a more peaceful place.

Feltham was adopted from China at the age of one.

“I feel extremely lucky that I got adopted into such an amazing family,” Feltham said. “I am very thankful and grateful for my adopted family,”. She is inspired by the idea of loving life, living every day to its fullest and taking advantage of every opportunity possible.

“I love helping charities that contribute to making people happy,“ Feltham said.

“One day I hope to travel to an African country with the Peace Corps. I would love to get the opportunity to help people when I am older.”

Feltham is worried about many conflicts in the world but her top concerns are for global warming, KONY 2012 and body image issues in young ladies.

“I want girls to feel like they always have someone to talk to,” Feltham said. “No one deserves to feel alone or like they have nobody to talk to about their issues.”

Feltham uses her bubbly personality to aid in making the world a more positive place.

“I am terrified of spiders. I can not and will not be within a mile of a spider. I will die! I would much rather be in a climate zone where I’m sweating buckets, than be in the rain,” Feltham said.

As well as making the world a better place, she loves to bake. Baking has been one of Feltham’s passions since she was five years old. One of her earliest memories is baking her first batch chocolate chip cookies with her mother when she was five.

“When I first baked cookies with my mom, I remember that my batch tasted awful! I pretended they were good and ate them anyways because I was proud I actually baked something,”. As much as she loves baking, she hopes to pursue a career with her science discoveries.

“I hope to attend Stanford University in sunny California,” Feltham said she is competing for the second year in a row in ISEF. She is doing a continuation of last years project concerning  the rate of which bacteria die while under a laser.

“Our project made it to the international level last year, and we went to Pittsburgh. It was a great experience and I hope to return again this year,” said Feltham.

Feltham has love for science , a passion for baking and one goal in mind — help the world be a better place for mankind. She motivated girl who hopes to someday make a positive difference in the world by joining the Peace Corps.

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Shana Feltham