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Students honored at WLHS Evening of Excellence

Scholarship recipients, curricular area recipients and honor graduates were all honored Thursday night at the annual WLHS Evening of Excellence. The event highlighted four different areas of achievement: honor graduates, department awards, local scholarships and character awards.

Honor graduates must meet the criteria given by the high school: six honors or AP classes, 3.6 weighted GPA and have 12 hours of community service.

Honor Graduates:
Nicholas Allmeyer
Clara Altemus
Taya Arnone
Emily Art
Taylor Backa
Briana Barzola
Mitchell Blatt
Christopher Boe
Julia Boyd-Helm
Courtney Brearley
Elise Brown
Emma Brown
Parker Bruns
Nicole Campbell
Hannah Carr
Natalie Chapman
Efrain Chavez-Martinez
Kendall Cheever
Madison Christ
Alicia Collier
Jessie Comfort
Melissa Comfort
Charles Craft
Thomas Crough
Mihai Dan
Meghan de Paula
Aileen Domann
Rebecca Donnelly
Daniel Dyer
Mary Earp
Ryan Engler
Jessica Erickson
Dominique Evans
Derek Fieldhouse
Alixandria Figone
Arie Freeman
Tara Galloway
Nicholas Gilmore
Sarah Gilroy
Kelsey Gray
Olivia Grenier
Tyler Griffin
Lacey Gunther
Maria Jazmin Gutierrez-Zepeda
Allison Haggard
Arianna Hall
Nora Hand
Garrett Harmon
Kyle Harris
Mariah Hedman
Taylor Hefty
Leah Henningsen
Andrea Horn
Jarrod Howard
Angelica Jolley
Emeric Kennard
Allison Killeen
Chrisann Kim
Joshua Kim
Curtis Klein
Alexa Koll
Kevin Kott
Kristy Lanz
Joel Larson
Lenaya LeBlanc
Adam Lee
Madison Leek
Zachary Levin
Madison Luther
Meghan Marth
Zoe Maxwell
Daniel McGarry
Michael McNinch
Matthew Miller
Cameron Minson
Jade Moore
Haley Morton
Megan Mueller
Oliver Muggli
Paige Myers
Richard Nakano
Devesh Nathan
Aaron Nelson
Zachery Nelson
Taylor Nopson
Neil Olson
Casey Oswant
Hayley Pak
Mark Paraschuk
Austin Parrish
Sidney Pinger
Trentian Porter-Penny
Emily Reed
Mikaela Ritter
Dana Fei Rost
Kaelyn Rushforth
Anne Sloop
Sarah Smith
Roxanne Stathos
Samuel Stephens
Shane Stump
Ethan Terner
Andre To
Julia VanWinkle
Alejandro Venecia
Pascale Wallace Patterson
Jennifer Warmack
Gabriel Weitz
Kaitlyn Wells
Dustin Wilhelm
Benedicta Wilsted
Craig Wright
Nicole Zavoshy

Department awards are decided by the staff of various departments and the criteria they establish, and are awarded to one student.

Department Awards:
Nicole Zavoshy– Science Department Award, Environmental Science
Pascale Wallace Patterson– Science Department Award, Overall Science
Kaitlyn Wells– Science Department Award, Chemistry
Zoe Maxwell– Science Department Award, Biology
Curtis Klein– Science Department Award, Physics
Emeric Kennard– Visual Arts Department Award, 2D Art
Andrea Horn– Visual Arts Department Award, 3D Art
Oliver Muggli– Performing Arts Department Award, Choir
Kaelyn Rushforth– Performing Arts Department Award, Theatre
Jessie Comfort– Performing Arts Department Award, Orchestra
Matthew Miller– Performing Arts Department Award, Band
Tara Galloway– Language Arts Department Award, English
Mary Earp– Language Arts Department Award, Writing
Allisen Haggard– Social Studies Department Award, Social Studies
Austin Parrish– Technology Department Award, Technology
Pascale Wallace Patterson– Math Department Award, Math
Aileen Doman– Visual Arts Department Award, Yearbook
Alexandria Figone– Visual Arts Department Award, Yearbook
Mariah Hedman– Visual Arts Department Award, Photography
Elise Brown– Visual Arts Department Award, Newspaper
Annie Sloop– Leadership Department Award, Leadership
Elise Brown– World Language Department Award, Spanish
Dana Rost-World Language Department Award, Chinese
Tara Galloway-World Language Department Award, French
Nicholas Gilmore– World Language Department Award, Japanese
Benedicta Wilsted– Student Services Department Award, All Around Student Services
Trentian Porter-Penny– Health / P.E. Department Award, Physical Education
Jennie Warmack– Health / P.E. Department Award, Physical Education
Daniel McGarry– Health / P.E. Department Award, Health
Nicole Zavoshy– Health / P.E. Department Award, Health
Jarrod Howard- Athletic Department Award, Outstanding Male Athlete
Madison Leek– Athletic Department Award, Outstanding Female Athlete
Garrett Harmon– Athletic Department Award, Sportsmanship
Julia Boyd-Helm-Athletic Department Award, Sportsmanship

Local scholarships are awarded from the West Linn and Clackamas County community.

2013 Local Scholarships:
Adam A Clark Memorial Scholarship- Lenaya LeBlanc
Clackamas Community College Opportunity – Efrain Chavez-Martinez
Clackamas Community College Academic Initiative – Daniel Dyer
Clackamas Community College Honors – Maria Gutierrez-Zepeda
Deleen Baker Memorial Scholarship – Julia VanWinkle
Douglas Bransom Memorial Scholarship – Oliver Muggli
George Curts Scholarship – Allison Killeen, Joel Larson
John Paul Brown (OSAC) – Arianna Hall ($1,500), Dominique Evans, Joel Larson, Emily Reed, Zach Levin
Kaiser Permanente Health Care Review Scholarship – Angelica Jolley
Kirk Andrew Spencer Memorial Wrestling/Football Scholarship – Trent Porter-Penny
Kyle Curran Memorial Scholarship – Kevin Kott
LO Women’s Club Community Service Scholarship – Clara Altemus, Alexa Koll
Morris Family Theatre Scholarship – Melissa Cozzi
Music & Arts Partners Scholarship – Dana Rost, Oliver Muggli
Portland Business Forum – Neil Olson
Sanister Memorial Scholarship – Austin Parrish
Superintendent Scholarship – Zoe Maxwell ($500), Oliver Muggli ($250), Arianna Hall ($250)
TJ Curran Memorial Scholarship – Jarrod Howard
West Linn Lions Health Care Scholarship – Maria Gutierrez
West Linn Lions Career Vo/Tech Scholarship – Jessica Erickson, Austin Parrish
West Linn Lions Special Needs Scholarship – Mitch Blatt
West Linn Lions Education Scholarship – Arianna Hall
West Linn Lions Community Service Scholarship – Megan Muller
WLHS Boy Athlete Scholarship – Curtis Klein
WLHS Girl Athlete Scholarship – Briana Barzola
WLHS Class of 1956 – Oliver Muggli, Neil Olson
WLHS LINK Crew – Emily Reed
WLHS NHS Scholarship – Mary Earp, Zachery Nelson, Nora Hand, Arianna Hall
WL Riverview Lions Club Scholarship – Clara Altemus
WL Rotary Club Scholarship – Madison Luther, Roxanne Stathos

Character awards are awarded by a small committee of parents from the Class of 2012. The students that receive these awards are blindly selected from profiles written by WLHS staff, and they are each awarded $500 to spend on anything they want.

WLHS students must be outstanding in the following categories to receive the character award: respect, responsibility, honesty, integrity, compassion, kindness and courage.

Class of 2013 Character Award Winners:
Maria Gutierrez-Zepeda
Zach Levin
Elise Brown
Casey Oswant
Jade Moore
Bene Wilstead
Angelica Jolley
Joel Larson
Oliver Muggli
Dustin Wilhelm
Kelsey Gray
Leah Henningson

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Students honored at WLHS Evening of Excellence