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Meredith Bowers, Copy Editor


Riding on her galloping horse at Stafford Hills Equitation, Meredith Bowers, junior, enjoys spending her free time at the stables. Bowers has been riding horses since she was in sixth grade, and it has been an exciting activity for her ever since.

“If I had a million dollars right now, I would first buy a horse ranch,” Bowers said. Riding is a nice way to spend her free time, and she absolutely adores her buckskin horse, Sandy.

“I have been riding Sandy since she first came to the barn, and that was around the same time that I first arrived there too,” Bowers said. “I have practically trained her myself throughout the years.”

Though horse riding is a fun activity for her, she also is very set on what she would like to do for her own future.

“I like how intelligent I can be,” Bowers said, “Though I like to be serious with my work I also let myself be enthusiastic.” Bowers wants a college education, and with the AP classes and advanced courses she is already taking, she is determined to achieve one.

“I wouldn’t say I really enjoy school, but I think that it is essential for the future and to actually get somewhere in life,” Bowers said. “I don’t like how stressful it can be, but it is important to do well in school.” Bowers works very hard for a great education, but also loves to spend her time having fun and being herself.

“When I grow up, I want to be a Federal Criminal Investigator,” Bowers said, “I want an exciting career, and I don’t want to be stuck in an office cubicle for the rest of my life.”  Bowers definitely had her mindset on what she wanted to do in the future.


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