Marina and the Diamonds puts fans in a state of dreaming

Marina and the Diamonds puts fans in a state of dreaming

The air was hot and dry on May 4, but to the fans of Marina and the Diamonds, waiting for six hours in the heat was worth it.The Wonder Ballroom’s doors opened at 8 p.m. and the concert started at 9 p.m. with the opening act Little Daylight.

Natives of Brooklyn, the indie pop/synthpop trio has, until recently, only produced remixes. Now Little Daylight is releasing new songs, some of which it played at the concert (including “Overdose” and “Name in Lights”), as well as some of its unreleased songs. The lead singer’s voice had a nice, calm feel to it. She had a good stage presence and seemed in control of her performance. The band’s guitarist lent some of his vocals to her performance, and the bassist set a strong beat to it.

Diamandis is from Wales, Great Britain. Her performing name, Marina and the Diamonds, is used interchangeably with her birth name. The “Diamonds” in the name refers to her fans, as opposed to her band.

Around 10 p.m., Diamandis’ entrance song started to play on the speakers. Unreleased, the song is believed to be titled “Electra Heart” after the name of her most recent album and the name of her archetypal character. When the song started, the crowd started to freak out, emitting screams. Lights were flashing all around, heightening the sense of anticipation. After the intro song ended, her band entered, making the crowd scream even more than before.

All of the sudden, a figure in a pink dress and wedding veil came onto the stage and slowly made her way to the microphone: it was Diamandis. The music for “Homewrecker” started, and the concert commenced. From there, the crowd sang along to every song, including “Oh No!,” “Bubblegum B—— ,” “I Am Not a Robot,” “Lies,” “The State of Dreaming,” “Power & Control,” “Mowgli’s Road,” “Starring Role” and “Obsessions” (acoustic version). In “Lies,” she added some new lyrics about a failed relationship, making the song even better than before: “Deep down/I knew that you were never right for me/But now/I see you walking around with that girl and I know baby/Know now/We’re not meant to be/You were not meant for me/‘Cause I’m too proud/If I’m not number one then I’d rather be lonely.”

“I feel your pain,” Diamandis said, right before she started the song “Numb.” “It’s so f—— ing hot in here. You can take off your shirts if you want. And now for a suicidal ballad!”

She played a quieter version of “Numb.” While Diamandis sat at her keyboard, her band only lightly contributed to the song. While the song was being performed, some fans became emotional and cried. Diamandis was also visibly impassioned.

From there, Marina and the Diamonds performed “Radioactive,” “Shampain,” “Primadonna,” “Hollywood” and “Fear and Loathing.” The fans never lost energy during the concert, jumping, dancing, cheering, clapping and singing throughout the entire show.

When the show ended and Diamandis left the stage alongside her band, the crowd started chanting “Marina!” over and over again, and then started stomping. After three or four minutes, she came out for an encore and performed “Teen Idle” (acoustically) and “How to Be a Heartbreaker.”

Diamandis entranced her audience with her vocals and blocking. Her range live seemed deeper than in her albums, and her additional lyrics in “Lies” and preview of her new song made the concert a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The performance deserves an A+ —— no argument.