New Changes Made to Early Release Schedule


Students at West Linn High School are used to the routine of early release days: waking up at the crack of dawn just to come to school for half-hour classes, then returning home by 1:10 and feeling as if they did nothing that day. Only this year, it’s different.

On early-release Wednesdays there will only be periods 3 and 4, for the same length of time as a block day. Also being introduced this year is a new “Academic Time” from 11:35 to 12:30. Academic Time is an hour long study and hang-out session organized by Link Crew, and while it is required for freshmen, older students are also welcome to join if they please.

Travis Fain, junior Link Crew leader, thinks this system is much more effective than last year’s. “Now people can actually use early release days to get ahead and do some work. Also, it gives a chance for Link Crew to get closer to our kids, since we used to not see them as often!” he said.

“It was the staff that asked us to change the schedule,” principal Lou Bailey said, “We just decided it wasn’t a good fit anymore. It was actually Brian Delfatti who came up with the new system, so thanks to him!”

On a week with an early release day, Tuesday will be an A day, Wednesday will have an early release schedule, while Thursday and Friday are 1-6 days. This system ensures that each teacher receives the same amount of time with each of their classes. Administrators hope this change will make students focus and take short days as seriously as regular days. West Linn’s next early release day is on Wednesday, September 25th; a full schedule of the year’s early release days can be found below.