Emily Topping

Emily Topping, Co-editor-in-chief

Ever since Emily Topping, senior, was young she hoped to make a difference on american culture. With her unique outlook on life, strong work ethic and dedication to journalism, she is sure to achieve her goal.

Unlike most students on the staff, Topping started out writing for the Amplifier after being recommended by Ann Breyne, her freshman English teacher. Not only did she start out as a reporter on the staff, skipping the mandatory introductory class, but she also earned the title as The People Editor.

“After Ann read some of my writing and found out about my wish to become a broadcast journalist, she insisted I join the school newspaper my sophomore year,” Topping said. “I decided to join, thinking it would be a good way to start my future career.”

She has grown to love the fast pace of the class and enjoys how she is able to focus her energy on a task she is passionate about. After almost three years on the staff, Topping was announced the co-editor-in-chief for her senior year.

Not only does Topping channel her energy into journalistic writing, but also into numerous other activities. These include acting, creative writing and all forms of visual art. She hopes these will help to shape her future.

“I began going to acting workshops my sophomore year, and I still attend them every monday after school,” Topping said. These workshops focus on scene studies and creating showcases to perform.

“My focus used to be towards acting, but has now changed to film and writing,” Topping said. To pursue her love of writing, Topping has an intention of writing a small piece everyday. She tends to write about her thoughts, opinions or interesting things that happen.

Topping also draws, paints and/or takes photos weekly.

“My dad used to be super involved with art and kind of pushed me to stick with it,” Topping said, “We’d draw pictures together all the time when I was younger.” She is still taking art classes, but over her high school career wasn’t able to take as many as she would have liked.

Topping has changed her focus from acting to broadcast journalism and now towards filming. In an ideal world she hopes to film/create documentaries to combine her love of journalism and film. Whatever Topping ends up pursuing, she is sure to meet her purpose of making an impact on the world around her.

“Whether it’s directly or by simply creating something helpful, I hope to make a difference.”

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Emily Topping