Annie Kaiser returns to her roots as Leadership Director

Students at West Linn are probably used to seeing Annie Kaiser in the theatre building, busy sewing costumes, reading scripts and directing productions. However this year, Kaiser, Performing Arts and newly appointed Leadership director, has added some new responsibilities.

After former Leadership Director, Butch Self, departed from West Linn at the end of last year, Lou Bailey, principal, had someone in mind to fill the spot.

“When Mr. Bailey and Mr. Mills approached me with the opportunity last May I was really excited, but a little bit hesitant,” Kaiser said. “I love my work in the Performing Arts Center, and I was worried about what I might have to give up.”

However, after talking through the demands of the two jobs, Kaiser realized it might be possible. She will now be teaching Leadership and advising the Associated Student Body, while still maintaining the position of Performing Arts Coordinator.

Teaching is not new to Kaiser–she used to run the class when Bailey was first hired.

“I taught for the first six weeks of the year and really, really enjoyed the opportunity,” Kaiser said. However, Bailey wanted Kaiser full-time in the theatre building and found a way to assign Leadership to another teacher. “That was really hard, to leave those kids partway through the school year.”

Now Kaiser is back and learning how to work with such a well established group as ASB. “Our ASB is an exceptional group of extraordinary young people who all work incredibly hard…I’m really just here to support their efforts,” she said.

The love is clearly reciprocated by members of ASB. Emma Waibel, senior and class vice-president, said of Kaiser, “She is the best thing to happen to West Linn leadership in the years that I’ve been here.”