West Linn students look forward to Outdoor School

Counselors from West Linn help guide sixth-graders at camp

The end of the school year means graduation, finals and, hopefully, warm weather. Another yearly tradition, Outdoor School, will be held at Twin Rocks Camp this year from May 20-23. Hundreds of sixth graders will make lifelong memories at an educational camp, with the help of their high school counselors. Instead of sitting in a classroom all day, they experience the outdoors and learn hands-on.

Last year Caleb Archuleta, senior, was selected as a counselor for Outdoor school. “It rained the whole time, but it was a really fun experience,” he said.

The counselors must ensure that their campers are learning and having a fun time, while being safe. They also have to leave all phones, iPods, cameras and outside food at home.

“It can definitely be difficult, with all the responsibilities,” Archuleta said.  He will be working again with Rosemont Ridge Middle School this year. “There’s a lot of hard work. I’m excited to get to know the kids though!”

Potential counselors need to keep a good academic record and make sure they can handle missing a week of school. Although it’s not a vacation, teachers still expect students to make up all missing homework and tests.

“There are drawbacks but it’s one of the funnest things you’ll ever do,” Archuleta said.