“Andromeda Sun” raises money for its sophomore album at the Youth Music Project in Willamette

As “Andromeda Sun” began playing their set list, a collection of original 60s and 70s-esque rock and roll songs, the entire audience at the Youth Music Project stayed seated. The space in front of the stage remained empty as Ian Harris, Class of 2015, Logan Adam, Oregon City Class of 2014 and Peter McCoid and Anthony Pellico, seniors, continued to jam their hearts out. They didn’t appear fazed.

“Hey guys, you might wanna get up for this one!” McCoid announced. He began strumming the opening chords to an upbeat melody, “Welcome Yourself.”

Then, as if the power of music was more compelling than the overwhelming awkwardness of dancing alone, a single person made his way to the front of the stage. Then one more joined him, then another, then another. Soon, there was a substantial group of people moving to the music.

The band’s message is undeniably infectious. Peace, love and positivity are mentioned in nearly every song, which might seem a little trite if it wasn’t so obvious that every member truly believed it. Their songs are reminiscent of a different time, when rock and roll had the power to change lives. And it’s obvious that Andromeda Sun believes it still can.

The band’s sophomore album is set to release as soon as they raise enough funds for recording. If their new single, “Welcome Yourself,” is reflective of the album as a whole, we can look forward to strong keyboard performances from Harris, as well as more complex song structures than their previous work.

A large part of the band’s charm is their in-person enthusiasm and confidence, so let’s hope that translates on record. If so, Andromeda Sun’s new album is sure to be a hit.