Co-Ed Soccer offers sports and fun to high-schoolers.

Students at West Linn enjoy playing through the Willamette United Soccer Club.

Among the many activities available in West Linn, often competitive and time consuming, co-ed soccer offers a different approach to sports. A less aggressive version of the sport many at WLHS play, co-ed soccer combines both boys and girls for weekly games and practices.

“Co-ed is mostly for fun,” Colby Gray, senior, and member of the program said. “We don’t really practice too hard, we mostly mess around.”

The Willamette United Soccer Club gives high-schoolers an alternative to playing soccer through school. The league tries to hold open spots for players who tried out for their high school teams, but weren’t chosen. Because of co-ed’s popularity it is important to sign up early. Also, the earlier one registers, the more likely it is to be placed on a team with friends. Although the sport may not be taken as seriously, players still try their best to succeed.

“We go hard,” Annie Roethe, junior, said, referring to her team’s aggressive manner. “We’re out here to win.”

Some may worry that having both boys and girls would be unfair, but Gray guaranteed that is not the case. “The girls are just as good as the boys, and we all play as a team so it works out,” he said.

WUSC teams play against teams from Lake Oswego, Tualatin, Tigard and Sherwood. One to two practices are held during the week, including running and drills, to prepare players for the Saturday games. The goal of the program is to have a good time and bond with teammates, while improving as a player. Sign ups for fall 2014 will be available online next March.